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Last business evaluations

Clinique Catherine Maréchal - A éviter !
Written by
 on 29/10/2014
La Clinique Catherine Maréchal me doit un remboursement de 1406.25$ pour des traitements non-reçus depuis 2011. La Clinique a 2 plaintes à la protection du consommateur. J'attends toujours mon rembour...
Vol de 4000$
Written by
 on 19/10/2014
Nous avons payé 4000$ d'avance. Il a commencé les travaux et il n'est jamais revenu. Nous avons essayé de le rejoindre, mais il ne répond plus à ses messages, ni à son cellulaire. Nous allons en cour...
Run from this guy.
Written by
 on 18/10/2014
hired to install pot lights. Started work cut the power to 3 rooms in our house then told us the ceiling was not to code nor the electrical. If we took down the ceiling he could fix it all for $5600 o...
The worst experience of my life
Written by
 on 07/10/2014
We used this company for the installation of hardwood floors in our new house. A huge job. This company did a terrible job, using pieces of wood that should never have been used and leaving us witho...

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